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Floor Plans give prospective buyers a great sense of what the house has to offer, even before they have a chance to visit. Showing approximate room sizes & an overall layout, they are a fantastic addition to Professional Photography.

 ~ All Floor Plans are of the main property including any permanent external structures.

 ~ All rooms are measured with laser measure and drawn to scale.

 ~ PDF or JPG file supplied.

​There are 3 options for presentation of your final Floor plan.

  • 2D Black & White

  • 2D Textured Colour

  • 3D Full Colour.

Property Address and Real Estate Agents logo can be added to personalise each plan. See samples below.


2D Black & White

2D Floor Plan B&W


2D Textured Colour



2D Colour Floor Plan


3D Full Colour

3D Colour Floor Plan


Virtual Staging is the perfect answer for those with a vacant house that need to add some character and help potential buyers envisage how the home will look with furniture.

Unfortunately due to our remote location, Staging and Styling options are extremely limited in Broome and this is helping us to remedy that. Let the wonders of technology transform your home and bring it back to life.

Pricing per image.

Living- After.jpg
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