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'CINEMATIC' Style Video 



Video is a great way to give potential buyers a look through your home, and is especially good for investors if they are buying from interstate or overseas. In an age where impressing online is everything, this will give you the edge over all of the other properties on the market.

Social media is also a powerful tool in marketing these days and video is proven to be the most successful way to grab people's attention. So why not give your property the best opportunity there is.

We offer two different styles of video, both giving a slightly different perspective of your property.

When ordering the Cinematic Video each room is filmed from a variety of different angles and then edited together to make a short film.

The Walkthrough Video is exactly that. We walk potential buyers through the property, and use editing techniques to speed it up, shorten the footage and make it a little more exciting. This isn't quite as refined as the cinematic option, but it does give the buyer an amazing perspective of the property and the ability to have a snoop around in each room.

There is the option to add Drone Footage to your video, which is particularly valuable with large properties or properties that are beachside and have a spectacular location. Music is added to all of our videos to suit the style of the property.

Both the Cinematic and the Walkthrough videos are a great marketing tools, it is just up to you which one you think will suit your property the best.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss the highlights of your property and what you are hoping to portray to potential buyers.

To see more examples of our videos, please click here

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